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Hi everyone & welcome! So glad you found us! My name is Alexa and I am a woman of God, wife, mother and now small business owner. I would love to share my testimony with you. I grew up surrounded by believers, church and learning about Jesus but thought my ways were better and that I didn’t need a relationship with God. I chose to live the way of the world, separated from God. In my early twenties I surrendered all and gave my life to Jesus. Experiencing the saving grace of Jesus, I now live for Him and Him alone. Fawn + Faith came to life after I had my son and had a desire and conviction to be more outspoken with my faith. My mission with Fawn + Faith is to boldly share the word of God and raise up kindhearted children that know & love Jesus. We design and curate faith-based collections of children and women's clothing and accessories. All of our children's clothing items are neutral tones and made with 100% organic cotton so you can pair them with anything, and the quality will never fade. All of our accessories are ethically sourced and non-toxic.

Happy Shopping :)

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